Monday, 22 December 2014


At times I’m depressed and frown,
You’re the one, who never let me down,
Those words that pull me up,
To make sure I never gave up.                   

Honestly when I’m with you I feel free,
To do the things I must do but never did,
You opened my eyes in certain things,
I’m grateful to found you in my life.

Advises that you gave was very deep,
A shame I felt deep inside my heart,
You taught me a thing or two,
That I realized now for sure I do.

Don’t get me wrong for wrote you this poem,
Because you’re the reason I changed.
Not as much as you think,
But as better as I know for that I’m sure.

In times when things fell apart,
It’s hard for me to find you,
But I know God has His own plans to show,
Never let my faith drop even a bit as a snow.
I never can thanked you every little things you’ve done for me,
Although you thought that you never did anything,
But trust me there’s something that you did that changed me,
And for that I owe you my dear friend.

For a long time I’ve thinking of writing this to you,
But never have the courage to do so I’m afraid,
Maybe this is the time I show,
By letters and words I let you know.

Although we’re far apart and quite busy,
I always pray that I’ll have the time for you,
Maybe not now but someday I hope,
To be there when you need me for sure I’ll show.

People come and go in life,
If that is our faith between us, I’ll accept it with my open heart,
But know this that I’ll cherish every moment with you,
Not much but worth it to remember it through.

Moments with you will be memories,
Memories that will light my life at dark times,
Because you lighten up my path,
This is all an honest confession deep down from my humble heart.

This is for you my Dear Friend.


P/S : this poem is dedicated to NFQ.  23/12/2014 -0607 hrs